Frequently asked questions

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How do I install the add-in?

Please follow the instructions in the e-mail that you have received after your subscription.

What is Outplan Installer?

Outplan Installer is our installation as well as update wizard for all our add-ins.

What is Outplan Launcher?

Outplan Launcher is an add-in loaded via Revit. It's responsible for checking all our installed products for compatibility, both with each other and with the current Revit session. In addition, the Outplan Launcher can be for example configured to load our products from a central location.

Do I need Outplan Launcher if I want to use a single add-in only?

Yes, Outplan Launcher is always required for our products, regardless of the number of products.

Are floating/network licenses available?

No, we offer a subscription model where the costs are based on the number of devices.

How to load add-ins from another location/central storage?

It's possible to load our add-ins from another location (e.g. from a NAS). To do that, you need to create a configuration and edit the .addin file. If you need assistance, please contact Support on our website.

How can I activate a new device/machine?

A new device/machine is activated automatically - provided an add-in has been correctly installed with a valid license and activation key - when Autodesk® Revit® is started.

How can I free up licenses/deactivate machines?

By uninstalling them. After removing an add-in from an activated device/machine, the device/machine will be deactivated automatically after 14 days.

What happens if I reach the device/machine limit?

A new device/machine can't be activated if the device/machine limit has been reached. To increase the device/machine limit please contact Sales.

How does the licensing work?

The add-in is issued with a working license and activation key based on the ordered count of devices/machines.

How do I update an add-in?

You'll receive an email containing the update information and installation instructions in case a new update is available.

Do I need administrator permissions to install an add-in?

Should a standard installation/new installation take place, no admin rights are required. However, if a modified installation already exists and our add-ins need to be updated (for example, the add-ins are loaded from a NAS), it may be required depending on the scenario (for example, if the add-ins are loaded via a NAS, where admin rights are required to write/replace files on the NAS).

How do I allow or deny specific add-ins in a centralized setup across my organization?

If you require assistance, please contact us.

Where can I find my customer code?

We've send you your customer code by email when you started your subscription or trial period.


Does the add-in support different project unit types?

Yes, the add-in supports most of the unit types available in Autodesk® Revit®.

Is it possible to work with the add-ins offline?

Yes, it's possible to work offline for 14 days since the last time the add-in was successfully started with an active internet connection.

Is the add-in compatible with Autodesk Revit LT?

No. Unfortunately, Autodesk Revit LT doesn't support add-ins.

What happens when Autodesk® releases a new version of Revit®?

At an annual update (porting), we aim to provide compatibility of the latest major and minor Autodesk® Revit® version at the release date. This is included in the Outplan subscription without any additional costs. We do this for the current updated and the previous 3 major versions of Autodesk® Revit®.

When or how often does the add-in receive an update?

Bug fixes are issued on demand, while functionality updates are delivered according to the add-in’s product roadmap. Ports to new versions of Autodesk Revit are issued until December latest.


Can I try a product for free?

Yes, we offer a free trial period with full functionality per user per product. You can start your trial directly on the respective product page.

How does the Outplan subscription model work?

We offer simple subscriptions that you can sign up for directly on our website or by contacting Sales. After subscribing, you can use the chosen product for the duration of your subscription. You will automatically receive and benefit from any updates and upgrades released while your subscription is active. You are also entitled to our free support.

What is the duration of a subscription?

The subscription is active for the specified period and automatically renewed at the end of that period unless you cancel subject to the cancellation period.

How much does a subscription cost?

The price for one device for a subscription period can be found on each product page. If you need more than one device, you can calculate the total price for your chosen subscription period there as well. To get pricing for 100 and more devices, please contact Sales. You will be charged automatically based on your billing cycle and the number of devices included in your subscription.

What payment methods are available?

We offer a wide variety of payment methods by partnering with Stripe.

How do I get a quote?

You can calculate your costs on our website. Just select the desired product and how many deviced you need. In case you require a quote with your company's details, please contact Sales.

How is the price calculated?

You can find the monthly costs per device on our website. The price of an add-in or a family is based on the number of devices/machines. We prepare customized offers for big companies with 100 and more devices.

My subscription was paused. How do I resume it?

There are two reasons why a subscription might get paused: you either have overdue payments or we've found violations of our Terms of Use. In the case of outstanding payments, the subscription will automatically continue after they have been fully paid. To learn more or if you need assistance, please contact our Support.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can manage your subscriptions anytime in our Billing Center. If you cancel, your subscription will stop at the end of the current subscription cycle. Should you change your mind, you can renew your subscription before the end date of your subscription.

How do I update the number of devices in my subscription?

We're happy to help, please contact Sales.


Do you offer trainings?

Our add-ins are so intuitive that you don't need any training. If you do need some help, check out our quick start guides, FAQs or contact Sales.

What kind of support do I get?

We offer free online support for all subscriptions (including the free trial period). Please report any bug or issue in the Help Center.

What should I do if I find a bug or if I experience an issue with a product?

Please describe your problem by reporting an issue in the Help Center.

How quickly are bugs or issues solved?

We start working on your reported issue as soon as possible. Typically, you can expect an answer within 2 - 3 business days. We'll keep you posted in case we need more time to solve the problem.

Are you stuck?

If you can't find the information you need, feel free to contact our support team.